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The FREEware Concept

Everything here is owned by/copyrighted to MDGx (a.k.a. AXCEL216), except where specified otherwise.
You may modify only the .BAT, .INF, .INI, .REG, .SYS and/or .TXT files, and only to customize them for your personal/end-user computer(s) settings.
If you would like to (re)distribute and/or (re)print these files, please contact me beforehand for explicit permission.

Everything here is FREEware = freely distributed solely for profit-free use: personal, individual, private, end-user, educational, non-commercial, non-military and/or charitable purposes.
All for-profit/commercial/military organizations/entities must contact me for licensing terms.
You may NOT ask for any distribution/handling fees/charges, except to cover your eventual expenses and/or actual mailing/shipping costs.

As owner, author, editor, maintainer and webmaster I reserve full worldwide rights for everything here.

Thank you for your time and concern.

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[don't you hate that word?! ;)]

I do NOT work for, advertise, promote, make, sell, buy or speak in the behalf of ANY for-profit computing, technology, hardware, software, services, internet or news business.
Therefore I do NOT provide tech support/advice for ANY computing related issues.
My web site is the works of a "1 man band", brought up to what it is today with the invaluable help and dedication of several individuals I am privileged to call great friends. Million thanks guys, you know who you are! ;)
All I'm trying to do is find better ways to fix/improve the ones we all have to put up with, and we all know what a "pain" that is! ;)
I ONLY RECOMMEND web sites/businesses I feel deliver trustworthy, quality, profit-free services, upgrades, software or hardware, most of which I have tried and found useful, and I do NOT encourage anybody to spend money on ANY shareware/trialware/retail/commercial products.
As you may have noticed, most "banners" at my site are mine, and I keep it free of ad(vertisment)s, cookies, tracking, malware + spyware because I believe knowledge is universal, and should be shared freely.
The opinions expressed at my web site and in my files are mine, or belong to other individuals/entities where so specified.
I have NO computing qualifications, except my (too) many years of experience (self-taught) using + tweaking most of Microsoft's Operating Systems and Environments on my home built Über-clocked PC.
This makes me just another PC (read "Wintel") user, same as yourself.

I pursue computing STRICTLY as a hobby!

Therefore if you have technical hardware/software related problems/questions working in Windows/MS-DOS, please seek QUALIFIED support/technical HELP from your distributor/manufacturer/retailer/vendor.
These tips/files were tried by me and/or by their respective authors/contributors, they have worked for me/others, but they may NOT work for everybody, due to the huge variety of computer hardware/software combinations/configurations out there.
All information herein is offered solely as is, without ANY kind of warranty.
Nobody is liable NOR responsible for ANYTHING due to the use of ANYTHING originated from this web site.
You do all this at your OWN risk!
You should not have problems IF you follow CAREFULLY ALL guidelines in these text files/web pages BEFORE using anything here.


Take EXTREME CAUTION when modifying your System/Startup settings!
Faulty changes may result in crashes/lockups/permanent data loss, or might lead to having you REINSTALL your Operating System(s)!


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Contact Info

I welcome your E-mail or FeedBack with comments, corrections, tips, questions etc you might have using ONLY Microsoft Operating Systems/Environments retail/final/gamma/Gold/RTM/OEM/MSDN releases (NOT alpha/ßeta/test/preview/interim/pre-release/RCx), English editions ONLY, running ONLY on end-user/home based/local/personal/private, NOT for-profit/commercial/military (see "The FREEware Concept" section further above), Intel based CPUs, NOT ANY other, desktop/gaming stand alone PCs, NOT ANY other!
I do NOT provide help/advice for ANY OTHER computer software/hardware, EXCEPT the ones listed above!

FIRST, make sure you DOCUMENT the issue, start by READING the appropriate text, help files, manuals, books included with your system, software, hardware etc, and then CONTACT your distributor/manufacturer/retailer/vendor (e-mail support is usually FREE, and most have voice/fax phone numbers, some of which are TOLL FREE), they might just have THE SOLUTION(S) for you!
For software/hardware UPDATES please consult your vendors' WWW/FTP/forum sites listed in your included documents. You may be able to FIX a problem just by UPGRADING to their CURRENT/NEWEST/LATEST versions/editions/releases!
READ also the guidelines included in my ©Tricks + Secrets files for possible answers/solutions to your questions/problems.
If you still did not find a resolution after trying ALL the above, I'd be glad to help, but PLEASE send me a DETAILED AND WELL DOCUMENTED REPORT with ALL your problems/questions, AND the eventual STEPS taken so far, listing your computer(s) Operating System(s) and software version(s)/release(s), and your hardware detailed specifications.
Last, but not least, please learn (if not aware of) the proper Netiquette, how to ask questions the smart way (also here) and and how to report bugs effectively.
And when everything else fails, remember... Google is your friend. ;)

HTH [Hope This Helps]

All this is NECESSARY to avoid any redundant (time consuming) exchange of e-mail, because I value YOUR precious time, as you should appreciate MINE.
Thanks for understanding.

REMEMBER: I pursue computing STRICTLY as a hobby, I have NO computing qualifications, and I do NOT work for ANY computing, internet or news related profit business!

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Rights + Lefts

©1996-2017 MDGx (a.k.a. AXCEL216): Everything here is FREEware.
Always free of ad(vertisment)s, cookies, tracking, malware + spyware.
I have created [August 1996], maintain and update these web pages entirely by hand using Programmer's File Editor [replaced Notepad].
I do not promote, speak in the behalf of, advertise or work for any computing, technology, news or internet profit business.
All ©copyrights and ®registered trademarks retain owners' property.

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